Wholesale Programmes

Retail+ Programme

Retail+ is perfect for new or smaller businesses, streamers, youtubers or breakers that want to work with us without ordering at the quantity or frequency required by the wholesale programme (£300 every 90 days). The discount level of Retail+ allows customers to make a good margin on their offerings whilst under no obligation to place regular orders to stay in the programme. Retail+ acts as a stepping stone to the wholesale programme, allowing our customers to grow and develop without the need to invest large amounts of cash flow into stock.

  • Access to our Retail+ prices.
  • Minimum order value of £200.
  • Regular orders not required.

We see our Retail+ Programme as the best way to get people on board and start getting to know us and our products before having to make a big monetary commitment. If you find you're selling lots of products on a regular basis (fantastic) then it will be time to make the commitment and switch over to our full wholesale programme!

Wholesale Programme

Our Wholesale Programme is aimed at large, established bricks and mortar or ecommerce stores. They must be a legally registered business (VAT registered is prefered). We expect our wholesale partners to place an order once every 90 days minimum in exchange for better prices and the ability to buy cartons at a discount. A partnership.

  • Access to standard wholesale prices.
  • Ability to buy products by the carton for even bigger discounts.
  • Minimum order value of £300.
  • Must place an order every 90 days.

Limited Edition Products

We sometimes release limited edition products that our customers get really excited about. To ensure they can get hold of them promptly, we give priority to direct sales and exclusive partnerships.

If any stock remains after our direct sales and exclusive partnerships, we will notify you via email. This will provide you with the opportunity to offer these highly sought-after products to your customers as well. Please bear in mind that the remaining stock will be limited since these limited edition items tend to sell out rapidly.